David Pierce
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When my regular job allows, to use my computer and engineering skills in short-term (one- to four-month) development projects overseas.
Ph.D., Computer Science, May 1995, University of Texas at Austin. GPA: 4.00
M.S., Computer Science, 1988, University of Texas at Austin. GPA: 4.00
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1985, Oregon State University. GPA: 4.00
B.A., Mathematics, 1985, Oregon State University. GPA: 4.00
GRE scores: 800 Math, 780 Verbal, 730 Analytical.
Registered Professional Engineer (No. 102322), State of Texas
Languages & Tools: C++, Python, Lisp, Ladder Logic, Structured Text, Excel, HAMMER, ArcGIS
Operating Systems: All variants of Windows; Ubuntu Linux
Networking: Local Area Networks of Linux and Windows computers: SSH, VPN, DHCP, DNS
Web Development: Apache, PHP, Dreamweaver, HTML
Human Languages: English, French (Could lead a technical project working in either language.)
General: Technical writing, teaching, carpentry, electrical work
Sr. Project Manager at Steger Bizzell, 2007-present
Process and hydraulic modeling, electrical design, and control / instrumentation for a 7-MGD (expandable to 21-MGD) surface water treatment plant on Stillhouse Hollow Lake - Kempner WSC.

Designed and implemented tools in C++ to produce an EPANET hydraulic model from a water utility's GIS database.

Modernized water utilities' telemetry and control systems for speed, reliability, and to meet new FCC requirements.

Electrical and hydraulic design / pump selection for various well and pump station projects.
Consultant for Steger Bizzell, 2004-2006
Designed and implemented the control program for the McDade Water Treatment Plant, Aqua Water Supply Corporation (AWSC), Bastrop, Texas.

Developed a web site for Steger Bizzell and implemented it on an Ubuntu Linux box.

Designed and implemented the control program for the New ER Pumping Station, AWSC. Details...

Tested and debugged the control program for the Camp Swift Extension Water Treatment Plant, AWSC. Details...
Principal Software Architect, National Instruments, 1996-2003
Led the development of the networked version of Citadel, NI's historical database for industrial automation. Managed the development team for Lookout, a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) software package. Lead the development of Logos, NI's internal suite of industrial-automation, networking protocols for real-time data, historical data, and alarms. Details...
Software Developer, Georgetown Systems, 1994-1996 (N.I. acquired G.S. in 1996)
Designed and implemented the historical database for Lookout. Developed and debugged low-level drivers and user interfaces for Lookout. Served as Human Resources Coordinator.
Unix Instructor for Advanced Interface Computers, 1992
Taught 2-day beginning course and 3-day advanced course.
US Patent 6,745,175. June 1, 2004. System and method for a shared memory architecture for high speed logging and trending.

US Patent 6,721,677. April 13, 2004. System and method for modular storage of measurement streams using a hierarchy of stream-processing objects.

US Patent 6,505,247. January 7, 2003. Industrial automation system and method for efficiently transferring time-sensitive and quality-sensitive data.

US Patent 6,411,987. June 25, 2002. Industrial automation system & method having efficient network communication.
David Pierce and Benjamin Kuipers. Map learning with uninterpreted sensors and effectors. Artificial Intelligence Journal 92: 169-229, 1997.

David M. Pierce. Map learning with uninterpreted sensors and effectors. Doctoral dissertation, Department of Computer Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin. (TR AI95-233, May 1995.)

D. Pierce and B. Kuipers. Learning to explore and build maps. In Proceedings of the National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-94), AAAI/MIT Press, 1994.

B. Kuipers, R. Froom, W.-Y. Lee & D. Pierce. The semantic hierarchy in robot learning. In J. Connell and S. Mahadevan (Eds.), Robot Learning, 1993, pp. 141-170. Kluwer Academic Publishers.

David M. Pierce. Learning turn and travel actions with an uninterpreted sensorimotor apparatus. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, pp. 246-251. Los Alamitos, CA: IEEE Computer Society Press.

David M. Pierce and B. J. Kuipers. Learning hill-climbing functions as a strategy for generating behaviors in a mobile robot. In J.-A. Meyer and S. W. Wilson (Eds.), From Animals to Animats: Proceedings of the International Conference on Simulation of Adaptive Behavior, pp. 327-336. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press/Bradford Books, 1991.
Engineers Without Borders (UT Austin): Assisted team of students deploying a solar-powered well pump and water distribution system. January, 2007.

Geekcorps: Repaired FM transmitter, deployed Cantenna-based television broadcasting service, designed and helped implement and deploy low-bandwidth Internet services (news, email) for use with satellite modem. Mali, 2006.

Austin Free-Net
: Instructor, Introduction to Computers, February, July, 2006.

Red Cross
: Volunteer, Katrina Shelter, Austin Convention Center. September, 2005.

Amigos de las Escuelas (developed by returned Peace Corps volunteers), Rio Bravo, Mexico:
November, 2005: Helped install wiring, insulation, sheetrock, shelves in computer lab.
November, 2004: Helped build a "techo," a roofed picnic/meeting area.
November, 2003: Miscellaneous carpentry, painting.
November, 2002: In charge of building a kitchen for the kindergarten.
Weekly dinner music: Piano playing at Duval Gardens (nearby nursing home). 2003 to 2006.
Rappeller, dancer, boatman: site-specific aerial dances by Sally Jacques of Blue Lapis Light. Requiem, Angels in Our Midst, Constellation, Impermanence, Devotion.
Co-playwright, actor, puppet maker: Political Asylum, by the Shard Live Performance Collective.
Actor, dancer: The Fever, a monologue by Wallace Shawn, performed by Shard LPC.
Dancer: Love Songs, by David Roussève.
Dancer: Vi et Armis, by Andrea Ariel.
Actor: Marriage on the Eiffel Tower, by Jean Cocteau, performed by The Weetzah Players.
Actor: Passion, Poison and Petrifaction (or The Fatal Gazogene), by Bernard Shaw, performed by The Weetzah Players.
Actor: The Memorandum, by Václav Havel, performed by The Weetzah Players.

Born and raised till age 12 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Visited over 20 countries growing up as a missionary kid. Returned to the US permanently in 1975. Studied abroad at Avignon, France in 1983. Spent eight months in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2001. Volunteered 4 months with Geekcorps in Mali.
Piano playing and composition, reading and writing, theater/dance attending and performing, rock climbing, SCUBA diving.
United States citizen. Living in Austin, Texas with wife and two cats.
References available on request.